Recently POWE Architects’ own Ariana returned from a trip to Canada and we thought it fitting that she shared some of her experiences with us.

Nothing like a little holiday to brighten the monotonous daily routine we subject ourselves to, and what better place to contemplate life than Canada.  Putting aside the Canadians’ lack of coffee appreciation, Canada is a spectacular place and it’s not hard to see why so many Australians are now immigrating to a life of double smoked maple bacon.  The country is without a doubt beautiful, and having recently returned I cannot recommend it enough.  From cities that glitter with hustling night-life to towering mountain ranges that put the significance of life into perspective, Canada provides a thrilling and diverse culture that is hard not to love.

I was fortunate enough to be able to road trip across British Columbia from Vancouver Island into Alberta, camping along the way.  While there was the tedious task of driving long hours snuggled up in a cramped utility, the destinations more than made up for it.  I mean it’s not every day you’re pitching a tent next to glacial rapids before settling down with some well-deserved refreshments as the sun slowly sets over the surrounding snow-capped mountains.  Aside from the ridiculously picturesque surrounds, the people along the way are so incredibly humble and welcoming.  All you need is a “please and thank-you” and they will be throwing delicious baked goods and handy travel tips your way.  I would suggest, however, not to use that dry Australian humour we have come to love.  Sarcasm sadly, is not always understood in Canada and you will more often than not, confuse or unintentionally offend.  This makes for some awkward moments waiting for your killer punchline to kick in..… waiting and waiting as the silence becomes uncomfortable and you are left with a panicked conversion starter about the weather.
For the most part Canadians weirdly love the Australian culture, and will no doubt have a brother/friend/mother’s cousin who has travelled to Australia 10 years ago that they are eager to discuss.  It’s this unusual, intense and instant friendship that draws you in even further into loving the Canadian culture and the people it represents.  So if you’re feeling a little sluggish and that itching feeling is creeping up that only a holiday can fix, the cure is simple – go to Canada!