On Monday 26th May 2014, Matthew presented to the Brisbane ArchiCAD User Group on Coordination Techniques for Collaborative Design. The topic focused on the variety of coordination techniques used by POWE Architects to not only coordinate documentation but to drive collaboration in their design, documentation and delivery teams.

The presentation was well received on the night and we have been able to include the visuals from the show here for those who weren’t able to make it.

POWE Architects consider that a collaborative approach to design is the best way to drive good outcomes for all of our projects. We believe that this collaboration needs to be independent of software platforms and open source to engage with all participants in the process which is why we are advocates of OPEN BIM and the IFC and BCF formats. ArchiCAD’s ability to work with open formats like IFC and BCF and to integrate with freeware solutions such as Tekla’s BIMsight make it the perfect tool to act as the foundation upon which to base our collaborative design techniques.

If you would like to hear the presentation first hand or how POWE Architects might be able to help your business with these collaborative techniques please contact the office.

Model Combined

MJInsight by Matthew Johnson – Associate Director POWE Architects
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