Looking back on 20 Years of POWE Architects designing and delivering buildings in Brisbane, we asked our Director, Len, about his favourite buildings and projects:

I’m proud of what POWE Architects has achieved and the reputation we have gained over the last 20 years. The business has been built on solid values and sound principles and I’ve been privileged to work with a core team of like-minded and dedicated professionals during this period. March 1999 seems like only yesterday, but when I review the extensive portfolio of projects we have completed and the variety of sectors we have worked in during this period, I reflect on a journey that has meant so much to me as an architect and helped define me as a person. I have often been asked “what sort of architecture do you do?”. I have also been asked “what is your greatest achievement?”. Neither of these is an easy question. Our architecture is overtly commercial when needed and environmentally sensitive when required. We solve design puzzles and deliver buildings that provide efficient, cost effective solutions for our clients. Along the way we do our best to create a piece of architecture we can be proud of. (The answer to the second question is, hopefully, being a father to my two daughters).

I can look back over the years and identify some of the more memorable projects.

Our first large residential masterplanning project was for Frasers (formerly Australand) at Runaway Lagoons, Coombabah.

Our biggest retail project was Town Square Redbank Plains for Capital Transactions and Alceon which recently received a Property Council Award for best sub-regional shopping centre.

Our tallest project to date has been Milton Edge, also for Frasers (Australand at the time).

Our work for YourTown (formerly BoysTown) in the areas of domestic violence and parenting have been our most satisfying and rewarding.

Our best period in business also produced two of my favourite projects and 601 Coronation Drive in Toowong and Dialog House in Boundary Street, South Brisbane are both outstanding commercial projects and hard to separate as great outcomes for everyone involved.

While it has always been a privilege to work with our many appreciative clients, none of our achievements over the last two decades could have been possible without the support and contribution from our team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals.  Notable amongst these has been Matthew Johnson and Michael Ellis who have been part of Team POWE for longer than I can remember. We have also received tireless support from Simon Perley, our first and only IT consultant. More recently, Christian Skou of our alliance partnership, CSArchitects has added his considerable experience to our team and Michael James of Evolve has helped guide our business since the impact of the GFC. However, the greatest support through the good times and the challenging times has come from my wife Julie, who is also the POWE Architects CFO and fellow Director. Without her understanding, patience and resilience we would not be celebrating this amazing anniversary.

While this occasion has been a wonderful time for reflection, it is also an opportunity to think of the future and we invite you all to be part of this exciting new journey with us.

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