Looking back on 20 Years of POWE Architects designing and delivering buildings in Brisbane, we asked our long-term Associate Director, Michael Ellis, about his favourite buildings and projects.

A career of learning

Having been with the practice for over ten years starting as a very green student in 2006, I’ve worked on several projects with varying different scales, roles and responsibilities. When I think about my ‘Favourite Building,’ what I reflect on most is how I’ve evolved and developed as an architect over the years taking on board the new experiences, challenges and lessons learnt.

During my early years with POWE, I learnt the art of documentation and detailing by working closely with Matthew on a number of projects including North Shore Shopping Centre and Nerang Offices – a personal favourite for me as it was where I really started to develop my skillset and knowledge.

Building communities

However, the project which contributed most significantly to my professional development was the Deception Bay Parenting Centre for YourTown. The development itself is an elegantly detailed set of buildings all intentionally kept to a residential scale for the comfort of the end users. My role in the project was purely contract administration which is a very rare occurrence these days in the world of D&C contracts. It was also significant for my experience in gaining architectural registration. I particularly enjoyed working closely with the site manager to resolve detailing items, talking through site inspections and consider client needs – particularly as hand-over for the project drew closer.

I also found that working closely with a generous organisation such as YourTown was also an immensely rewarding experience; knowing that the day-to-day decisions we made throughout the project, would be contributing to improving the life of community members. For me, the project demonstrated how architecture, and our role as architects, can contribute to creating places that help people and have a significant impact in improving their lives. I often remind myself of the experiences gained from working on this project and reflect on what turned out to be a great piece of architecture.

These days, I continue to enjoy my varying role in the office working closely with our valued clients on early stage concept studies using yellow-trace (which makes Len very nervous) right through to the ‘nuts and bolts’ detailing during construction documentation.

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